Coaching sessions

What happens during a coaching session?

As your coach, I’ll listen and ask questions from a place of non-judgment so that you can find the solutions that work best for you. We may use our time together to talk about patterns of behaviour that are making it difficult to move forwards or it could be that you’re ready to create a plan of action to help you to achieve a specific goal.

Follow-up sessions will then check in with progress and reshape goals or activities as required. This is your journey and you will be empowered to take ownership of your challenges and your actions.

Successful coaching relies on commitment. We will explore this together to ensure that you are ready to make the changes you seek and that your goals are manageable, realistic and meaningful.

Costs and frequency of coaching sessions

Coaching sessions usually last around 60 minutes and take place via Zoom or by telephone. Each session costs £50 and this includes any worksheets, recordings or other information you may be sent after our time together.

I usually suggest that clients commit to a minimum of three sessions so that you can make the most of the coaching process. Depending on your situation, some clients prefer to have weekly sessions, while others have sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis. We can discuss this when we meet.

If cost is a barrier to you accessing coaching, a concessionary rate is available. Please let me know if this is the case.

Next steps…

Before you commit to coaching, I invite you to get in touch for a free exploratory chat so that we can talk about what you would like to work on during our time together. To arrange this, please email me at I look forward to working with you.