I work with individuals and organisations to increase personal resilience and achieve their goals. 

I welcome referrals from organisations, healthcare providers and charities and offer 1:1 online coaching sessions for staff and clients that can be scheduled to meet the needs of the individual. Online coaching enables people to access support at a time and location that is convenient for them. Sessions can take place during the working day or in the evenings.

Workplace coaching 

I strongly believe that valuing the wellbeing of your staff is not only a social responsibility but also a sound business decision that helps you to become a stronger organisation with a healthier, more motivated and resourceful team.

Work place coaching can provide:
*1:1 coaching support for staff who may be struggling or on the edge of burnout.
*1:1 resilience training to reduce staff sickness absence and increase levels of wellbeing
*Opportunities for goal setting to increase ownership and to raise professional standards and motivation
*Support for staff who are returning to work after sickness absence (perhaps due to Long Covid or stress)
*Consultancy regarding employers provision of mentally healthy workplaces

Long term condition coaching

Are you working with people who are living with long term health conditions? People with long term conditions face unique challenges. A diagnosis can explain what is happening but for many people, it does little to resolve the psychological impact of living with the accompanying symptoms and changes in lifestyle.

Long term condition coaching can help people to:
*Make recovery plans and set health and lifestyle goals
*Feel more empowered and aware of the choices they have
*Feel supported about returning to work after a period of absence
*Cultivate a greater feeling of acceptance towards their health 
*Learn resilience skills and gain psychological tools to help when the going gets tough. 

Packages of sessions can be created to meet the needs of your organisation. Please get in touch to talk about how we can work together at