What happens during a coaching session?

In our coaching sessions, we will explore where you are now and what you would like to achieve in the future.

Depending on what you are experiencing, we may choose to talk about patterns of behaviour that are making it difficult for you to move forwards or it could be that you’re ready to create a plan of action to help you to achieve a specific goal. This is your journey and you will be empowered to take ownership of your challenges and your actions.

I encourage you to make notes of any observations that you may have during your coaching time and at the end of a session, you may choose to commit to an action or exercise to work on in between sessions.

In subsequent sessions, we check in on the progress of any goals that have been set and continue to work on making changes and finding the solutions that work best for you.

Your commitment

Successful coaching relies on commitment. We will explore this together to ensure that you are ready to make the changes you seek and that your goals are manageable, realistic and meaningful.

Coaching or counselling?

During the course of our sessions, we may find that there are issues from your past that are causing you significant distress or affecting your ability to move forwards. In those circumstances, I would recommend you spend time with a counsellor before resuming coaching.

Please do contact me if you feel this may be the case and we can discuss the best course of action for you.